Are we there now? 


Shot in rural Finland in the last days of summer during my time in residency at Arteles Creative Centre, Are we there now? is an exploration of human mortality focusing on our relationship with our habitat through time, light and space. 


The portraits are taken solely during twilight time at long exposure intervals to create an in camera double exposure effect which, allows the light exposed to become blurred with movement. The outcome is a photograph that looks a bit like a painting. I am looking to present the people in the frame as temporary elements in a landscape which remains still and unchanged through time, highlighting the ephemeral sense of a human life. In order to establish this relationship, the portraits are presented as diptychs or triptychs, alternating between a portrait of the person and the background landscape on its own. All the photographs placed together repeat elements of colour and composition, evoking a sense of ‘collective landscape’ that surrounds the viewer as they experience the imagery.


I am interested in finding emotional shifts and vulnerabilities in the person that may tell me something about them. The gesture may change as they move through the frame, raising questions about themselves as well as how they connect or disconnect with the landscape. What remains in the space they no longer inhabit? What is left behind? Can we grasp the fleeting quality of a human life?

@ Sissy Reyes 2018