Loteria! (Bingo!)

Mexico has a tradition of proverbial sayings, riddles and famous quotes, of which some of these have been incorporated in the way the traditional game of Lotería has been played over 100 years, creating added meaning to the cards and its imagery. Most are cheeky and colourful observations on everyday life, however they also reinforce stereotypes of gender identity, class and that idilic overseas notion of the colourfully quaint and folkloric Mexico.

Lotería (Bingo!) challenges the iconic imagery found in the traditional cards and its representations of gender, class and politics by assembling a hybrid version of the images that subverts its original meaning through irony, humour and tragedy, thus recreating the way in which we relate to the game as an iconic representation of Mexican culture in the midst of the current political and social climate. 

@ Sissy Reyes 2018